Our donation partner Jugend eine Welt and which projects we currently support

Together we realize many different projects all over the world in cooperation with our partner Jugend eine Welt Stiftung.

Since the education of children and young people is especially close to our hearts, we are currently supporting two projects at the same time.

1) A social center for children and women in Eastern Europe

Life in the mountainous north of Albania, especially in the Lezha region, is still characterized by poverty, unemployment and a lack of any perspectives. Children growing up here have hardly any access to education and thus little chance of a better future.

Due to a lack of money, public schools have neither sufficiently qualified teaching staff nor suitable premises and materials. As a result, students in public elementary schools are poorly educated, which often prevents them from attending secondary school and vocational training. In addition, children often experience domestic violence, making it particularly difficult for them.

For more than 20 years, the Don Bosco Sisters have been running the social center "Laura Vicuña" in Tale, where needy children are lovingly cared for and their mothers are trained. Children and young people find support here on their way to an independent life away from violence.

2) Urgent help for street children in Sierra Leone

The Don Bosco Fambul Street Children's Center in the capital Freetown is the largest facility of its kind in Sierra Leone. Numerous projects for children and young people living on the streets are bundled here - from the center's own girls' house to a children's helpline.

The number of street children in Freetown has risen steadily in recent years, as many children and young people have moved from the countryside to the city in search of education, employment and protection. Most children live on the streets because their families are unable to provide for them adequately.

At the Street Children's Center, these children receive help and companionship. The dedicated team restores the children's dignity with love and patience and gives them a perspective for the future through education and training.

Together we are able to give these children a better future. Many thanks to all who support us in this!

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